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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Arrival - ZnZ Corak Collection

Posted by Puan Hanim at Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Arrival Collection Tudung ZnZ Bercorak/ dUAL tONES.

Harga RM 50
(New update : 23 NOVEMBER 2009)

CC18 - sold to Maria (Restock if request)
CC35 - Booked by Ruziah

CC36 - 1 - Sold to Pn. Hafidzah
1 - Sold to Rosmini

Restock if request

CC37 - sold to Suhaila (Restock if request)

CC38 - Sold to Pn. Haslinda (Restock if request)


CC40 - sold to Pn. Asiah (Restock if request)

CC41 - sold to Pn. Asiah

- sold to Idura Kuantan

CC42 - sold to Pn. Asiah (Restock if request)

CC43 - 1 - sold to Pn. Hafidzah

1 - sold to Maria

CC43 - sold to siti Nor (Restock if request)


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